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A history of penalties

An excellent breakdown from one of our readers about USF's much improved discipline. Believe it or not, the Bulls are in good shape to finish a season with fewer penalties than their opponents for the first time ever.

Your Weekly Holtzism

Ed note: If you aren't familiar with our running tab on Holtzisms please click here. Looks like Skip is starting to rub off on the players, as this week's Holtzism isn't even from Coach Holtz. The...

Spring Practice Round-Up

It's been a pretty busy opening week for Coach Holtz as he finally gets to see what he has in this football team. One of the big questions that most Bulls fans were asking about, was the heath of...

Your Friday Holtzism

Coach Holtz has already made a name for himself in Tampa for being very accessible to the media. He knows that you that you have to be media friendly to get some exposure in a football-mad state...

Spring Football Links Collection

We've been rather preoccupied with basketball lately, and since we only have hints of what Skip Holtz, Mark Snyder, and Todd Fitch have in mind for this year's team, it's really hard for us to...

3/4/10 Holtzism

This was the last thing Coach Holtz said from his town hall meeting last night. A new preacher comes into town, and he is preparing his sermon for his 9am service, and there is only one person...

We're Still Figuring Out This Technology Thing

Introducing USF's head football coach, Skip Holtz! Oh... wait a second, we'll get that straightened out. Just moving the webcam... That might work... but we have to see the questions on the...

Busy Day on Fowler Ave

I hope that the Athletics Department has the Red Bull on ice today, because they are going to be everywhere. The first step of the new Athletics District will start today, as the groundbreaking for...

Today's Holtzism

H/T to the eagle eyes at The Bulls Pen for finding this one. "You don’t win games in February. I’ve had five stars that couldn’t play dead in a Western, and two stars that played as hard as...

Mike Ford Dismissed From Football Team

Based on his time at East Carolina, Skip Holtz seems to prefer a feature back in his offense instead of a running back by committee. Things are looking good for rising senior Mike Ford! He just has...

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