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Free Donte Paige-Moss!

Wait...the charges were dismissed? Okay, never mind then. I imagine the judge in Orange County saw this was nothing more than a fight between two teammates that just so happened to take place in a...

Wall's Next Visit?

The Wake County Courthouse apparently. Via WRAL.com: Wall, a 6-4 playmaker, averaged 21 points, seven rebounds and nine assists for Raleigh Word of God Christian Academy this past season. He is the...

Three UNC Football Players Assaulted[UPDATED]

Update: The N&O has a fuller account that quite frankly is one of the more bizzare things I have seen. During a bail hearing Thursday afternoon, Assistant District Attorney Morgan Whitney said the...

The Miami Mess, Part 2

Miami attempted to put the whole brawl controversy to rest today by holding a press conference and having unversity president Donna Shalala shake her fist at the camera and swear it will never...

The Miami Mess

Most anyone with a pulse has heard the Miami and Florida International brawled during their game on Saturday. Both Miami and FIU had extended the ACC/Sun Belt supsensions by suspending a combined...

Youth Football Parents Gone Wild

As a parent with children approaching the age where they might be able to participate in actual sporting events I have spent some time thinking about how I should conduct myself when I go watch...

Game. Set. Reasonable Doubt

The defense lawyers for the accused Duke lacrosse players filed motions to have the Durham DA Mike Nifong release all of the evidence he had to them in a discovery motion. Nifong turned over 1300...

Durham DA Spins Wheel, Indicts Third Player

At least that is the way it seems. The Durham County DA Mike Nifong got his third indictment in the Duke lacrosse rape case. The grand jury, who mind you, only hears evidence from the DA,...

Duke Lacrosse Case: Witness Intimidation

I am not sure what kind of game the Durham DA Mike Nifong is playing but it is most certainly a dirty one. According to the News and Observer, the alibi witness for one of the players, a taxi...

More Thoughts on the Duke Lacrosse Case

In considering the media role in the Duke Lacrosse Case I asserted that one of the deeply troubling trends found in the conclusions being made on the national coverage level exhibited an incredible...

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