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Let's Just Do The Last Four In Lottery Style

As many of you have figured out, there isn't a whole lot of difference between any of the bubble teams this year. None of them stand out, but none of them are easy to dismiss, either. That's how...

Bulls Recon: Mike at UCHuskies talks UConn

In advance of our huge game against Connecticut this Saturday, Mike Grant over at UCHuskies.com as nice enough to do a Q&A before our NCAA Elimination game. You can check out my answers for a...

We're Still Figuring Out This Technology Thing

Introducing USF's head football coach, Skip Holtz! Oh... wait a second, we'll get that straightened out. Just moving the webcam... That might work... but we have to see the questions on the...

Oh Hell No

Bulls Recon: David at FriarBlog talks PC Hoops

David over at the awesome Providence site FriarBlog was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule and answer some questions about what the Friars have done since we met last month. I...

Bulls Recon: Chris from IBBW talks Nova Hoops

Chris from the outstanding Villanova blog I Bleed Blue and White was nice enough to answer a few questions about the game with USF tonight. I answered a few questions for Chris as well, and you can...

Hide the Women and Children - Seton Hall/Rutgers Diary

The buzz started building in the Big East Twittersphere on Monday morning. Seton Hall and Rutgers. "The best rivalry in college basketball is less than 48 hours away from tip: Rutgers/Seton Hall." "...

A Dana Kirk Story That Destroys the Irony Scale

Dana Kirk, who died on Monday, coached Memphis basketball in the 1980s and took them to the 1985 Final Four. He also, according to his Wikipedia page: Graduated six players in seven years. Scalped...

Jim Calhoun Freaks Out

I'm not a fan of Jim Calhoun. Every time it's time to play UConn, he always has a condescending, pat-on-the-head comment ready about USF. And then they beat us.* So it's with great pleasure that I...

USF Meme Generator

Every Day Should Be Saturday (the gold standard of college football blogs if you ask me) took a meme generator site and cranked out some Les Miles-related greatness earlier today. But I wasn't...

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