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Democracy Suspended at USF by Student Government

We know Voodoo Five is primarily a sports blog, but this situation is so absurd that we felt obligated to inform the USF community.

The Future USF Athletic Director Odds Board!

You didn't think we'd combine our loves of gambling, USF, and baseless speculation to handicap the outcome of the now-in-effect AD search? Well then you don't know us very well.

Doug Woolard To Leave USF, Replacement Search On

A national search for Woolard's replacement is now underway as USF Athletics prepares for new leadership.

A Way Forward: A Plan For USF Athletics 2013-14

There's an air of new opportunity at USF. Here's our plan to take advantage of it.

2012-13 Voodoo Five Awards: Part 2

Now for the more subjective awards. And also the ones where we get mad.

2012-13 Voodoo Five Awards: Part 1

In the first set of our season-ending awards, we look back on some of the best (yes, there were some good things) and worst of USF athletics in the past nine months.

Presenting The "USF Things" Bracket

Take a look at our 64-team field and fill out your brackets. We'll start voting on Monday.

Who Had The Worst Big East Season Ever?

A look at the worst combined records by Big East teams in both football and men's basketball in a single season. Needless to say, USF appears on the list often.

An Education On USF's Local TV Situation

Why is it so hard for so many people to watch USF games on TV in the Tampa Bay area? Could it get better sometime in the future? Here's the story.


Reader Retort Contest: Get Your Jokes Ready!

This tweet from yesterday is such low-hanging fruit, you guys. Please help us devour it.

A USF Christmas Carol, Part 3

Better late than never, as the Ghost of USF Christmas Future arrives to show our athletic director what lies ahead for USF. SPOILER: It's not fun.

The Top 5 USF Athletics Stories of 2012

Looking back on a very eventful year for USF athletics.

A USF Christmas Carol, Part 1

It's A USF Christmas Carol, as three ghosts visit our curmudgeonly athletic director in the hope of changing his ways. First up is the Ghost of USF Christmas Past.

We Must Destroy USF Athletics To Save It

Now that USF's athletic department is right back where it was 10 years ago, and seemingly less likely than ever to recover, it's time to blow the whole thing up and try again with new, invested leadership.

Men's Hoops Preview Part II: Smallball Time

Yes, the Bulls are a very small basketball team. Adjusting to the major difference in personnel will be a big key to success in 2012.

Voodoo Five Live Chat Recap

Voodoo Five Live Chat At 3pm Today: The Homecoming Horror Show 2012

Your Guide To USF's Homecoming Weekend

It’s that time of the year Bulls fans; the time of the year that current students, parents & alumni all come together to celebrate the University of South Florida – that’s right it’s...

BoT Chair: USF FB "Disgusting and Unacceptable"

That's what the John Ramil calls USF football. Zoinks!

Craig Angelos Hired As USF's Compliance Director

Angelos replaces the retiring Steve Horton.

Now Accepting Walk-Ons. We Are Hiring!

Want to write about USF for not much money, but lots of fun? We've got a deal for you.

OK, You Guys... Where Were We?

We're back and we really need to get caught up. Here's how.

The 2012 Voodoo Five Awards (Part 2)

Today we look back at our favorite (and least favorite) games and moments of the 2011-12 seasons.

The 2012 Voodoo Five Awards (Part 1)

In this edition, we make our picks for the best players and teams from the 2011-12 USF athletic season.

This Is Not Your Father's Sun Dome (Or Your Brother's, Or Probably Yours)

Everyone is correct. The new Sun Dome is fantastic.

On Graduation, And Taking USF With You When You Leave

Today's the tenth anniversary of my graduation day at USF. If you're walking across the stage in the newly-renovated Sun Dome this weekend, moving the tassel on your hat, and then tossing it into...

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