Big East Obliteration

USF's League Named "American Athletic Conference"


It's not the worst thing ever. Beats "Big America", doesn't it?

Big East Go Boom Friday??


Big East football teams meeting in Atlanta Friday to decide what the heck everything will be, how much it'll cost and when it will happen.

ESPN Plays Keepaway With Big East TV Deal


Get your Internet streams and digital sports tier channels ready, people. It's going to be a long six years.

The Big East TV Offer Is USF's Worst Nightmare


How horrible is this potential deal? Really, really horrible. Another testament to the top-notch leadership Doug Woolard has been providing to USF for nine long years!

Where Will USF End Up Now?


Oh god, this could be absolutely horrifying.

A Note About Judy Genshaft's Muddy Crystal Ball


Why is the USF president always so shocked when realignment goes down? Maybe she should ask the guy who's supposed to be advising her.

Big East Hoops is Taking Their Ball & Going Home


And you thought USF was screwed before?? Well you ain't seen nothin' yet!

We Must Destroy USF Athletics To Save It


Now that USF's athletic department is right back where it was 10 years ago, and seemingly less likely than ever to recover, it's time to blow the whole thing up and try again with new, invested...

USF Just Pawn In Realignment Game of Life


Ready for USF to get absolutely hosed by conference realignment? It's becoming more and more possible.

Blog East: Midweek Big East Roundup


Note: We're planning on doing a weekly roundup Big East news from SBNation blogs from around the conference, and elsewhere. -...

The Big East's New Sportsmanship Commercial Drips With Irony


Are we sure the Big East is talking about sportsmanship?

Let's Play Lazy Big East Joke Bingo!


Since no one can talk about the Big East seriously, let's make a game out of the lame jokes we're going to hear today.

Apparently This Big East Debacle Is All Judy Genshaft's Fault


There's plenty of blame to go around for John Marinatto's resignation. Although I think Marinatto's reactiveness and extreme naivete belongs at the top of the list, lots of people deserve their...

The Bobs Invade Providence: John Marinatto "Resigns"


New V5: The Bob's Invade Providence: John Marinatto "Resigns"

Big East Declares End Of Competitive Football, Invites Memphis To Join League


The Big East has called a teleconference for 1:00pm today to announce the end of relevant football being played in its league. At the same time, they will invite Memphis to join the league for all...

Report: UCF, Boise State, San Diego State, SMU, And Houston Set To Join Big East


For those wondering when the Big East would finally add new members, tomorrow looks to be that day. Tom Luicci of The Star-Ledger and Brett McMurphy of are reporting that the Big East...

Big East Expansion: Conference Finally Hands Out Invitations


In a closed door meeting today in Philadelphia, the Big East unanimously approved handing out formal invitations to the conference to replace the departures of West Virginia, TCU, Syracuse, and...

Conference Expansion: West Virginia Off To The Big 12


Well its official. Brett McMurphy of was the first to report that West Virginia was accepted to the Big 12 this morning at a 7 AM conference call. West Virginia will have to pay a $5...

Conference Expansion: West Virginia Set To Join Big XII, Big East To Merge With Mountain West and Conference USA?


It looks like the end of the Big East as we know it is here. According to numerous sources including Brett McMurphy of and Pete Thamel of the New York Times, West Virginia has been...

Conference Expansion: Big East Invites Possibly Coming For Boise State And Others


For those wondering when the Big East would send out invitations to save the conference in football, your wait might soon be over. According to Brett McMurphy of and Lenn Robbins of...

Conference Expansion: Big East Allowed To Move To 12 Football Members


I wonder how the Big East Teleconference went this morning? On a teleconference earlier today, our Presidents and Chancellors authorized the BIG EAST Conference to engage in formal discussions...

Conference Expansion: Big East Meeting Was For Raising Exit Fees, Not Expansion


For those wondering about who would be offered an invitation to the Big East with today's morning teleconference, the answer is no one. Expansion wasn't even a topic of conversation according to...

Conference Expansion: Big East To Hold Expansion Meeting Today


This is a big surprise isn't it. A day after TCU was invited to the Big XII, Pete Thamel at the New York Times is reporting that the Big East will be holding a conference call today to discuss...

Conference Expansion: TCU Moves To Big XII


If you were waiting for the next shoe to drop with the death of Big East football, its happening today. Brett McMurphy of, Pete Thamel of the New York Times, and Kirk Bohls of the A...

How You Can (Maybe) Help Improve USF's Conference Realignment Fortunes


What can you do? Being at games would help a lot.

Letter From Doug Woolard To USF Supporters


This landed in my inbox last night along with everyone else who is a supporter of athletics (I assume this means donors, of which I am one). No extra analysis, just the letter. Remember, this was...

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