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Christmas Discount to Replay Photos for V5 Readers

If you're like me, you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet. I didn't know what I wanted for Christmas until this morning, when Replay Photos sent us an email for a great deal at their website. ...

Top Ten #BeatRutgers Tweets

Great job yesterday with the #BeatRutgers posts guys, so much better than a couple months ago for Florida. Here are the Top 10 that I saw yesterday. If there are others that I missed, please let me...

#BeatRutgers Tuesday

Everyone hates Rutgers right? If you're reading this blog, you most likely dislike anyone from Piscataway by proxy. We tried this earlier this year before the Florida game, but Brighthouse was...

Holtzism of the Week

I know we have been slacking as of late with these, but Kerry Klecic has one that I couldn't ignore from today's press conference. In regards to the skill players this week, Skip threw out this...

Follow Our Baseball Playoff Teams On SB Nation

Two years ago my hometown Rays came up just one miracle short in the World Series to Toro's beloved Phightin' Phillies, who brought Philadelphia its first major championship since 1983. Seeing as...

#BeatFlorida Thursday

If you have a twitter account, I hope for one that you are following all three of us. Second, I'm sure you've seen the #BeatFlorida tweets that have been popping up from USF fans since midway...

Thursday Night Open Thread

Wow, Butch... that's a tough thing. Talk about that or whatever else is on your mind. We're here for you.

Thursday Night Open Thread

Want to ask Ken about practice in Vero Beach? Want to ask me about the new depth chart? Want to ask Toro about volleyball practice and our awesome new men's soccer kit? Want to ask any of us...

BYU Going Independent in Football? What???

What the hell just happened to the Mountain West? Colorado State is telling everyone that BYU is going independent in football.

Thursday Night Open Thread

Welcome everyone. Talk about football, basketball, Lou Holtz, rowboats, or morons working in an ice cream shop below.

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