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NCAA Tournament Championship Open Thread


Well this is it for this year. In one corner we have the Butler Bulldogs. A team who would be the real life version of Hoosiers if they pull it out tonight. By coincidence, the championship game...

Voodoo Five Bracket Challenge Final Results


The first annual Voodoo Five Bracket Challenge is in the books, and it's time to see who won.

Levels of GUSCON


With our "Levels of GUSCON" you'll be able to evaluate any fantastic Gus Johnson call and properly alert your friends so they don't miss the next one.

2011 NCAA Tournament: Round of 32 Open Thread


Day 3 and 4 of the NCAA Tournament are upon us. How wrecked is your bracket? Who do you have in the Morehead State-Richmond game? Which Big East teams will qualify for the Sweet 16? Saturday's...

2011 NCAA Tournament, Day One Open Thread


Hope you all enjoy the brave new NCAA world of having every single game on live TV. Wrap-around coverage is dead; long live wrap-around coverage. Here's the TV schedule for today, listed by...

First Annual Voodoo Five Bracket Challenge


Even though USF isn't in the NCAA Tournament for the 19th straight year doesn't mean we can't have fun with the tournament, so this year we are starting our first annual V5 Bracket Challenge. If...

Tweet Your Way To Houston With SB Nation and Samsung


Great news from the mothership: SB Nation has partnered with Samsung for "The Pride of March Tweetstakes." The campaign is running from March 15th through 24th, and we're asking fans to submit...

NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011: Inveterate Hoops Junkie Rules For Filling Yours Out


Staring at the field of 68 and trying to figure out where to start? Well, start here and remember: when you win your office pool, we accept tips.

Your Holtzism of the Week


After Skip Holtz's talk in Lakeland on Tuesday, we finally have an excuse to reboot our Holtzisms series, which admires the quips that he throws out from time to time.

Voodoo Five Wishes You A Merry Christmas


We at Voodoo Five wanted to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. I've got a 4 PM meeting with a standing rib roast, and right now the line has it at Ken +10000. This roast doesn't stand a chance...

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