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USF vs. Southern Miss GameThread

Who: USF vs. Southern Miss When: Friday, November 12th at 7:00pm Where: The Sun Dome, Tampa, FL Media: BullsVision for Video, 1250 WHNZ AM on Radio, No TV Let's get it started fellas!

My Annual Delayed USF Basketball Interest, Or Technology Can Only Do So Much

Technology can do a lot for your fanhood, especially if you've moved away from your favorite teams. But even technology can't overcome every problem.

USF vs. Southern Miss, or A New Day O'er The Dome

Nothing gets me more excited than the beginning of basketball season. I love football, but USF basketball will forever be my favorite program on Fowler Ave. Last year I thought anything over a .500...

Bonus Bulls Recon: Mike at Card Chronicle talks Louisville Football

Mike Rutherford from Card Chronicle talks to Voodoo Five about Louisville football in this bonus edition of Bulls Recon.

The Most Important Players for USF Basketball: Numbers 2 and 1

Welcome back to the finale of the greatest 14 person countdown on the 2010-2011 USF basketball team in recorded histroy. Last time we left you, Jawanza Poland and Anthony Crater came in at numbers...

A Plea to all USF Fans about Men's Basketball

Before the season starts, I just have to get this off my chest about USF Basketball... Go to the games. Bring your date/spouse/life partner. Bring a friend. Bring two friends. Have them bring a...

Bulls Recon: The Collision Course Talks Louisville Football

We put a couple of lines in the water for this week's Bulls Recon. First up is Mark Ennis from The Collision Course to talk about this Saturday's USF-Louisville game.

Big East Expansion: Blogger Straw Poll, Part 1

I asked some of our fellow Big East bloggers a few questions about the league's announced expansion. In Part 1, I ask them what they want to see happen, and what they think will happen.

The Most Important Players for USF Basketball: Numbers 4 and 3

Welcome back to the greatest 13 turned 14 person countdown involving the 2010-11 USF Men's Basketball team ever! Last time we left you, Ron Anderson Jr and Shaun Noriega got us into the Top 5,...

Voodoo Five is Mr. Xanax in this week's BlogPoll

Mr. Xanax is given to the BlogPoll with the least amount of movement from one week to the next. Although the number is particularly high for this award, we'll take it.

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