Where is the conference pride?

It's rather lacking

So many friends I have who are USF students or graduates either were rooting for someone else, or really really really rooting against other American Athletic teams during the NCAA Tournament. In fact, I don't think anyone I know who supports the Green and Gold likes anyone else in the AAC. It's as if we just want to see our conference fail where we couldn't succeed.

Growing up in a Big 10 household, we hate most of our conference (mostly because most of the time, the conference creams poor Northwestern). My mom can barely say "Ohio State," my dad laughs at Illinois, and I absolutely hate that blue and maize team. But every bowl season (I've never watched basketball until this year), we all found ourselves rooting for those teams we hate. Even Michigan. *shudder*

But when I got to USF, everyone was blasting every school in the conference, and rooting for the other team in bowl games, Tournament games, anything and everything. Louisville wasn't allowed to win anything before they left, Cincy has our number and we don't like them for that, Rutgers is just a nasty school, and UCF is UCF (boo, hiss). Even yesterday, most of my friends were rooting for Florida to beat UConn, even though they hate UF. They just wanted UConn to lose.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting on my couch at home, rooting for Kentucky and USF's new BB Coach, Orlando Antigua, while my mom and dad sit next to me actively rooting for Wisconsin, a place they felt rather...unsafe...when they traveled there for football games in the 80's.

Maybe the Big 10 has been around just a little bit longer than the AAC, but why should that mean that we have less pride in our conference? We might hate UCF, but we should have been rooting for them to beat Baylor. Why do we want our conference to look bad? Seems to be sour grapes. "If we can't do it, nobody can" seems to be the general thought process.

Maybe my group is the minority. Maybe the rest of the community supports the rest of the AAC when we're not in the running. But good lord, from what I see, conference love is more than lacking.

Excuse me if I root for Kentucky and Coach Antigua tomorrow night, but I won't be disappointed if UConn wins. We all should have been rooting for UConn if Kentucky hadn't made it, Shabazz Napier's flops be damned.

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