The "USF Things" Bracket - Vote Now In The Sweet 16 Round

Today we're voting on all of the matchups in the Sweet 16, as we whittle the field in the "USF Things" Bracket down to the final eight.

We started with 64 "USF Things," and now we're down to the Sweet 16. There are no more pretenders in the field, no more Cinderellas (with the possible exception of the campus squirrels). From here on out, you all have some tough choices to make.

Today we'll ask you to vote on all of the Sweet 16 matchups so we can get down to the final eight, and then the Final Four before we take a pause in the voting. First, here are yesterday's results:


(8) Campus Squirrels def. (16) "Big 4" Billboard, 53%
(4) Night Game Tailgates def. (5) Bull Runner, 86%
(11) Rocky D. Bull def. (14) 1990s USF Logo, 80%
(10) The Oracle def. (2) Movies on the Lawn, 57%

A bitter disappointment right off the top. I was hoping we could send an award to Bill McGillis after his billboard won the whole damn contest, but the squirrels pulled out a close one.

(1) 64-12 def. (9) USF-Louisville 2005, 78%
(4) USF-Florida State 2009 def. (5) USF-Auburn 2007, 57%
(3) USF-West Virginia 2007 def. (6) Men's Basketball 2012 NCAAs, 54%
(2) USF-Notre Dame 2011 def. (10) Women's Basketball 2013 NCAAs, 63%

There were some tight games, but there are no more basketball teams in the field -- the final four in this region are all memorable football games. (And three of them took place in September, which in and of itself is an extremely USF thing.) The only possible upset here was the Auburn game being eliminated.


Here are all of the matchups in the Sweet 16. You can vote using the poll below.

(1) Judy Genshaft vs. (4) Matt Grothe
(3) Jim Leavitt vs. (7) Lee Roy Selmon

(1) Marshall Center vs. (4) Sun Dome
(6) Mr Dunderbak's vs. (2) Copper Top/CDB

(8) Campus Squirrels vs. (4) Night Game Tailgates
(11) Rocky D. Bull vs. (10) The Oracle

(1) 64-12 vs. (4) USF-Florida State 2009
(3) USF-West Virginia 2007 vs. (2) USF-Notre Dame 2011

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