Protect Your Unit, Week 9 Picks Thread: Bizarro World

Football players wearing pink? MADNESS! - Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Here's a fascinating statistic about realignment!

This week's game schedule includes seven conference games between teams that have never played before. Ever. Not even in a bowl game, or a non-conference game, or in the 1930s. But they're in the same conference now.

These games are: Vanderbilt-Texas A&M, Connecticut-Central Florida, Houston-Rutgers, UAB-UTSA, Louisiana Tech-FIU, South Alabama-Texas State, and Georgia State-Louisiana Monroe.

And that doesn't even include Temple-SMU (last played in 1946); Marshall-Middle Tennessee (only prior meetings were I-AA playoff games); and weirdo alignments in their second year, such as Western Michigan-UMass and West Virginia-Kansas State. And it'll happen to USF: the Bulls have never played Navy, Tulsa, SMU, or Tulane, despite having been in Conference USA with Tulane in 2003-04.

Perhaps for this reason, I found this week's set of games hard to get a line on. I like it when teams have a little defined history. Even though college teams churn their rosters every five years, certain matchups are known for their predictability (Tennessee-Kentucky) or lack of same (pretty much any two ACC teams). How do you compare Vanderbilt and Texas A&M? They have no history, and thanks to larger divisions and fewer cross-divisional games, they only have one common opponent this season (Ole Miss).

I didn't pick many games this week, but some of you did:

Here are this week's parlays (will be updated if new ones are submitted):

  • diddybull32: $230 on Clemson -14 over Maryland, Ohio State -14.5 over Penn State, Central Florida -22.5 over Connecticut
  • Leavitt Town: $100 on Boise State +7 over BYU, Texas Tech +7 over Oklahoma. Connecticut +23 over Central Florida
  • RyanTSmith: $25 on Boise State +7 over BYU, Texas +1.5 over TCU, Connecticut +23 over Central Florida
  • ulismyhothotsex: $30 on Vanderbilt-Texas A&M over 68.5, Nevada +5 over UNLV (added Sat.)
  • AndrewPorter: $150 on Hawaii +2.5 over Colorado State, Buffalo -1 over Kent State, Bowling Green -4 over Toledo (added Sat.)

I note that diddybull and Leavitt Town chose different sides of the UConn-UCF game in their parlays, so one of them is going home empty-handed.

As always, this is not the deadline to submit your choices. You may pick any game up until one hour before kickoff via

And by the way, you can bet more than $250 a week if you have more than $1000 cash. The max is 25% of your stack or 250, whichever is higher. Lots of people have been staying right at 250 when they could bet more, so I want to make sure there's no misunderstanding the rules.

Use this thread to talk up your picks, and about this weekend's games in general.

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