Reviewing USF's 2012 Football Schedule

Now that the Big East has remembered that it also sponsors football, the conference has put together its schedule and released it. The seven Big East games finish USF's 2012 schedule, as follows:

- September 1, Chattanooga
- September 8, at Nevada
- September 15, Rutgers
- September 22, at Ball State
- September 29, Florida State (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
- October 6, at Temple
- October 20, at Louisville
- October 27, Syracuse
- November 3, Connecticut
- November 17, at Miami
- November 23, at Cincinnati (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
- December 1, Pittsburgh (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

That game against Rutgers could move up from the September 15 date, which... you know what, let's start with that.

-- SCREW YOU BIG EAST. You could have any other matchup you want as your early conference game, any one at all, and instead you decide, Oh hey, let's have the team that's playing in Nevada on Saturday, probably at night, who has to fly back cross-country on Sunday and lose an entire day on the plane, let's have them come home and maybe host a conference game on Thursday or Friday! So what, if you go on Thursday, then USF gets like two practices and a walkthrough in before that game? Do we remember what happened the last time the Bulls had a short week with travel? They got absolutely destroyed. If this game moves up, I'll be hoping it moves to Friday so that the Tessitore Effect can cancel out the fatigue and stupidity. Everyone in Providence can die in a fire for this.

-- That Temple game just screams "trap," doesn't it? Right between a huge home game against Florida State, and a game against probably the best team in the conference? Plus it might be 60 degrees in Philly that day, so we'll have to make sure B.J. Daniels's hands are soft and warm.

-- I do like having 10 guaranteed Saturday games, and maybe 11. Plus, maybe no Thursday games, which is a huge advantage already.

-- I'm not going to complain about Temple getting four home games. It was easier to just plug them into West Virginia's schedule because you're going to have to come up with something totally different next season anyway, with all the teams coming and going. (I assume this is Syracuse's and Pittsburgh's last year in the conference.) Plus this is the 8th year of the current arrangement, so it evens things out overall.

-- Let's go ahead and assume that the Cincinnati game the day after Thanksgiving will kick off around 7:30 in the morning. Same with the Pittsburgh game.

-- I'm having a hard time seeing more than, like, eight wins in this schedule, are you? Maybe I'm overestimating the rest of the league or underestimating ourselves, but this looks like a pretty "meh" season if we're only looking at it on paper.

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