BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 7 Draft Ballot

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I make the shift to resume-based balloting and show my painstaking work. Does it change the status quo?

Starting this week, I'm going to share everyone's individual ballots so you can see how we arrive at our consensus (well, about as much consensus as we're going to get) ballot for the BlogPoll Top 25. Personally, my ballot went haywire this week, but that's to be expected. Up until mid-October, I mix the on-field results with my ongoing perceptions of each team to come up with my ballot. But after there's enough data to work with, I reverse field and start voting strictly on resume. I list every team worthy of consideration (usually around 30-35) and make a list of their wins in reverse quality order, add their losses, and sort it all out.

First, here's what we all came up with collectively. After the ballot, I'll list everyone's individual ballots and comments, including my own.


Now come our individual ballots. Here's mine:

1. Notre Dame
2. Florida
3. Alabama
4. Kansas State
5. Oregon
6. LSU
7. Oregon State
8. South Carolina
9. Ohio State
10. USC
11. Oklahoma
12. Florida State
13. Georgia
14. Clemson
15. Louisville
16. Texas Tech
17. West Virginia
18. Texas A&M
19. Rutgers
20. Mississippi State
21. Cincinnati
22. Ohio
23. TCU
24. Stanford
25. Boise State

I've put a Google spreadsheet together of my entire chart, so you can review it and call me insane for putting Notre Dame #1, or putting the top two teams in the BCS and #3 and #5. (And it would have been #4 and #5 if Alabama hadn't beaten Michigan so resoundingly, because based strictly on the teams they've beaten, Powercat has them beat.) It's also interesting how clownfraud-y certain teams' resumes are when you list out who they've beaten. Looking at you, Mississippi State.


Mike's ballot and abstract:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Kansas State
4. Oklahoma
5. Notre Dame
6. South Carolina
7. Florida State
8. Georgia
9. Clemson
10. USC
11. Florida
12. LSU
13. Oregon State
14. Mississippi State
15. Stanford
16. Iowa State
17. TCU
18. Michigan
19. Texas Tech
20. Cincinnati
21. Ohio State
22. Rutgers
23. Louisville
24. Washington
25. Texas A&M

A&M may be too low, but I'm not sure about them. I don't think Ohio State is too low. They may be the least impressive undefeated BCS team in the country. Either they or Louisville. I realize where I have the SEC teams, but as of right now I think they're in the right places, despite the wins and losses. Iowa State's win over TCU looks better after the TCU-Baylor game, and now that you look at their schedules, were West Virginia and Texas ever that good? I don't know, the Big XII is a weird conference. I like Michigan, even if it makes me look crazy. Not entirely sure what to think of Oregon State and Mississippi State, but they haven't done anything to make me think different.


Andrew's ballot and abstract:

1 Bama
2 Oregon
3 Kansas St
4 Florida
5 Notre Dame
6 Oregon St
9 Oklahoma
10 South Carolina
11 Ohio St
12 Louisville
13 Georgia
14 Florida State
15 Clemson
16 Cincinnati
17 Texas Tech
18 Mississippi St
19 West Virginia
20 Stanford
21 Texas A&M
22 Rutgers
23 Boise State
24 Louisiana Tech
25 Ohio

I moved Rutgers down because they gave up a lot of yards to Syracuse (THE BEST DAMN 2-4 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY!!1!1!). I think Cincinnati and Louisville are much more solid. Miss St finally got a good win, so they're in. WVU was of course overrated. I think Oregon St is underrated by most. There's no way they are worse than Ohio St. I think WVU's stupidly high ranking the last few weeks just shows that voters don't care about defense anymore, and that's carrying over to Ohio St. I don't think there's much of a difference between ND, Florida and K State.


Gary usually votes as well -- I'll add his ballot to the final count if he is able to submit a vote before Tuesday morning. What do you all think?

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