Bulls Recon: We Are DePaul Talks Blue Demon Basketball

Welcome back to another edition of Bulls Recon. With no DePaul blog on SB Nation, the guys at WeAreDePaul.com were nice enough to answer a few questions on the Blue Demons. In this edition, we talk Cleveland Melvin and Brandon Young, where to find a bite to eat in Rosemont, and of course Big East expansion.


1. Cleveland Melvin and Brandon Young look like they are emerging as two of the top players in the Big East. How have they improved from last season?

Some might say that Melvin has regressed rather than improved. He's trying to develop his outside game more, when really his bread and butter has always been on the interior. His shot selection hasn't been the greatest. Young is improving in all aspects of the game. His shooting has gotten better. His defense is getting better too, although there is still plenty of room for improvement on the defensive end for him.

2. Does USF's ability to control the boards scare you with the Blue Demon's lack of size? Will this be a big factor in tomorrow's game?

Yes, as it does with every opponent that DePaul faces. The Blue Demons are the worst rebounding team in the Big East. Just look at the rebounding margin in the game vs. Georgetown - 47-25. Rebounding is a big concern going into this game.

3. Who does DePaul have coming in next year? Anyone who could have a Melvin type impact next year?

Jodan Price, a sharpshooter out of Detroit Country Day and DeJuan Marrero, a forward from Gary, Indiana. Neither is that kind of impact player. Purnell would like to add a combo guard and a stud big man who can make an impact to the 2012 recruiting class in the Spring signing period.

4. What do you think of the new Big East members?

I don't like that Football is driving the changes to the landscape of college sports. After the departures of Pitt, Cuse, and WVU, I thought that Marinatto did the best he could with the schools that were brought into the Big East.

5. For those making the trip up, where can you find a bite to eat around Allstate?

Depends what you like. Rosemont offers lots of choices. Some of the more expensive options are Nick's Fishmarket, Harry Caray's steakhouse, Gibson's and Carlucci's. If you like microbrews - go to the Ram Restaurant. If sports bars are your thing, go to Shoeless Joe's. If you like Mediterranean food, I highly recommend the Shish Kabob cafe. If you want Chicago style pizza, go to Giordano's. BTW, a new casino recently opened in nearby Des Plaines.

6. Finally, how do you see this one playing out?

If DePaul brings the kind of energy and effort that they did against Georgetown, they could actually win this one. Especially if they can do something to negate USF's advantage on the glass. If it's a lackluster effort, then the Blue Demons are in for a long day against Gilchrist and company.


Thanks again to the guys at WeAreDePaul.com for helping out. If you ever need any news on the Blue Demons, they are your top source for DePaul sports. They also have a pretty solid community and an active message board.

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