Observations from the Stands USF vs FAMU

1) You know, the FAMU football team ought to be grateful that the university's marching band takes them everywhere.

2) I know, that's not fair.  I shouldn't snark.  FAMU came up to play football and it turned into a blowout.  You know good games are ones where both teams are in it, and outside of a 3-minute period when it was 28 - 14 and FAMU looked like they could score as needed, South Florida just poured too much power into their offense tonight.

3) That said... was that the most yardage the Bulls ever racked up in a single game?  I think the radio stats were telling us Daniels had tied Grothe's record for most passing yards in a game, but man our rushing game was off the charts as well.  Gotta go read the box score, brb...

4) Okay, stat count: 477 yards passing, 268 rushing for the Bulls, for a total of 745 yards for the game.  Football field is 100 yards between goal lines: the team marched more than 7 football fields all night.

5) Player of the game: no one had a more epic night than RB Darrell Scott: 146 rushing yards on 12 carries for 12 yard-per-carry average (!), 3 touchdowns including a 56 yard TD run that decisively answered for FAMU's opening score, and also one pass reception for 82 yards (!) for another TD.

5a) I mean, sure, QB Daniels had a great night as well, with 382 passing yards and 4 TDs, but Scott was ON FIRE.

5b) With props to Andre Davis for blocking a punt and then carrying it in for a turn-off-the-lights-and-drive-safe capper making the score 63 - 14.

6) If there were any sour notes for the game, it's these:

6a) Backup Eveld needs to re-improve his aim just a little... okay maybe a lot.  That first INT was an inexcusable throw.  The second one was more on the WR doing a poor job, but Eveld should have considered looking for another target on that pass to begin with.

6b) Sloppy penalty night.  Especially at the worst possible time: when the Bulls forced an INT in the end zone and ran it all the way back for their own score.  That play got called back on two penalties... foolish, foolish said the audience in Section 239...

6c)The student section kept trying to start a Wave.  C'mon people, you save that for the THIRD Quarter, not the First!  Sheesh...

7) That said, I think I saw one guy on the FAMU Marching 100 step out of line once.  I demand a refund.

8) In other news, Pitt and Syracuse have officially attempted to kill the Big East conference.

8a) Pitt also lost today, and hopefully will keep losing forever and ever.  Hope you enjoy the new team you've picked up, ACC.  I'm sure Wake Forest will love to have a victim team of their own now.

9) Seriously.  If Pitt and Syracuse are both leaving, how hard does this affect the Big East?  Does TCU cancel out on their joining in next year?  Can the Big East survive with just 6 schools, with the SEC threatening to gobble West Virginia as well now?  Whither South Florida?  Do the Bulls have to go begging for the SEC or worse yet the ACC for a vacancy in their potential superconferences?  Or do we end up merging with whatever's left of the Big 12 and turn into a mid-major conference like C-USA and the WAC?

10) Next week: Texas El Paso visits.  Our dreaded rivals from... from... have we played them before...?

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