Welcome To USF, Class of 2015(ish)! Here Are a Couple Of Suggestions.

We at Voodoo Five would like to welcome the incoming Class of 2015 (or 2016, or 2017, or...) to Bulls Nation as they move in to the dorms residence halls and begin the extremely blurry part of their lives known as college.

We understand if you haven't read up on USF traditions, because honestly, we don't have too many of them. (And of course we just flat-out stole our hand signal from Texas, but we've kept that pretty quiet so far.) But we do want to pass along a few suggestions and some hings you can do to make your time at USF the best it can be!

- Destroy any clothing from another university. This will be tough for some of you, but let's face it, you aren't giving yours and your parents' hard-earned money to UF, Florida State, Miami, or your parents' out-of-state university. Embrace USF as YOUR school. You're going to be here for the next 4+ years, getting one hell of an education.

- Get involved. This one is easy. Skip Ybor City one night (and eventually, you'll get over that place anyway) and use the $25 to join the Student Bulls Club. Not only will it get you started with your priority points once you graduate (and you WILL graduate, right?) but you will meet some pretty cool people and go and some insane trips, like the one to Notre Dame next month.

- Go to as many games as possible. You've already paid for your admission with your (exorbitant) student fees, so why not go to all the games you can? Football isn't the only game in town, you know. Both of our soccer teams made the NCAA Tournament in 2010, and both are primed for another strong run. The softball team was a forfeit away from making the NCAAs last year. The volleyball team returns a lot of talent from last year, although with several talented newcomers. The baseball team... has a nice new stadium. The men's and women's basketball teams... are going to have a nice new arena one of these years, but they also each play in the best basketball league in the country. The men's team has some talented players like Victor Rudd and Ron Anderson Jr., and of course JAWANZA!, while the women are looking for a bounceback year after spending last season on the wrong side of the razor's edge.

All of these players give their time, energy, and passion to USF sports. The least you could do is show up for free and cheer them on. 

- Bring a friend. Make that 10 friends. Let's face it. There will be people in your dorm/apartment/highway overpass who won't notice that there's a game they can attend that night. The right thing to do is invite them. If they don't like it, that's fine -- some people just don't like going to games. But if they are hooked, you've added one new person to the frenzy that is the student section.

- Read this blog. Like us on Facebook. Follow us all on Twitter. Sorry, we couldn't make it through the entire post without some shameless self-promotion.

Toro would also like to add the following: 

* Get a fake ID. They're out there if you know where to look. Oh, and go to Peabody's. A lot. And learn to pregame, split cabs, and search for the words "Sink or Swim." That's how I really saved money in college.

* Go to Rush Week, even if you don't join a Greek organization. Just see what it's about. And free food FTW.

* Everyone lied to you. You do need a car. If your parents object to this, tell them to message me. USF is a metropolitan campus, and Tampa sucks without a car. You'll survive without one, but it's way better with a vehicle.

This post was created by one of our blog's readers.

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