Miami and how it could affect USF

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The penalties that Miami will face are more than likely to be devastating. This scandal involves over 70 players, multiple coaches and staff members. This is much, much worse than USC or OSU, this is the biggest NCAA investigation in years. Miami is more than likely to lose a lot of scholarships, and bowl play for at least a few years. Well, how would this affect USF football program?



FSU and UF will not see any major effects because of the NCAA investigation, as Miami has not been able to keep up with the recruiting of UF and FSU for the last few years, and that is definitely going to be the case for quite a while. Miami has mainly been recruiting players that USF has also been recruiting.  USF should be able to capitalize on their victory against Miami last year, plus the addition of Miami getting into one of the biggest NCAA scandals in recent history. If USF can keep up the recent success with recruiting and football wins, the Miami region should be a lot more wide open for recruiting. 

If I was Coach Holtz, I would be targeting all the players committed to UM that he previously wanted to sign with USF, starting now. Like previously stated, FSU and UF can pretty much hand pick what players they want from the Miami region. They for the most part already have the players they want from Miami. That leaves USF/UCF/FIU/FAU as instate schools looking to take UM's recruits. And while FAU/FIU could poach a few recruits, the main instate battle will be between USF and UCF. With USF having UM on the schedule and being in a BCS conference, USF has a slight advantage. This could be the catalyst that boosts USF into the "Big Three", at least for the short term. If USF uses the recruiting  advantage and increases their wins, maybe win a few Big East championships, they could prove to be too big for UM to surpass once UM has recovered from probation. USF needs to build a winning tradition and increase recruiting in Miami to be a major player in Florida and now with Miami down for possibly long term, USF has a huge opportunity to just that.

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