Bulls Recon: Mocking The Draft Talks USF Prospects In NFL Draft

Good Morning V5ers! With the NFL Draft coming up in a few weeks, Dan Kadar from our NFL Draft site Mocking the Draft was nice enough to answer a few questions on a couple of seniors who look to play on Sundays next year.

1. After making some waves during the Senior Bowl and the Shrine Game, how did DT Terrell McClain help his draft position at the combine?


McClain definitely helped himself, but I don't view him as a top 64 pick like some do. He got to show his athleticism in Indianapolis, but everyone knew how well he can move around. What may cause him to slip some in the draft is his technique. For as experienced as he is, he's still raw. There are also several players this year who project to the same three-technique position as McClain who are better. 


2. I was surprised that WR Dontavia Bogan and C Sampson Genus weren't invited to the Combine after solid senior years. Do you think both players have a chance to catch on a team late in the draft?


I think Bogan may get drafted late as a fourth or fifth wide receiver on a team. He'll have to prove he can play special teams in some capacity, though. Before the 2010 season, he was a player I expected to have a big year, but didn't. 


It might be tough for Genus get picked, even though he was acclaimed as a college player. Center generally isn't a hot position in the NFL Draft and there are some guys who might move from guard to center. His size – listed at 6 foot – doesn't help either.


3. USF had two Defensive Ends drafted last year in Jason Pierre-Paul and George Selvie. Do you think Craig Marshall and David Bedford will continue that trend?


Marshall is the more gifted of the two athletically, but it might be tough for him to get drafted after sitting out so much of the season. He's kind of an unknown. It's unlikely Bedford gets picked unless he tears it up at the March 22 USF pro day. He doesn't have good size or production.


4. CB Mistral Raymond has a soft spot in my heart going from 5th string walk on at safety to team captain and becoming a lock down corner for us. Will he get any attention in the draft?


His size, speed and effort may get him some looks as a special teams player.  He's a player who could make a career out of covering kickoffs and punts and being a backup cornerback/safety. And there's nothing wrong with that. At the very least, we all know he'll be at least a guy in training camp who is going to bust his butt.


5. Finally, how many USF players do you think will be drafted and where will they go?


McClain seems to be the only sure draft pick for the Bulls this year. I expect him to go in the third round. Bogan and Marshall have an outside shot. All of the players mentioned should find their way into a training camp where they'll have to show some versatility.




Thanks to Dan for helping us out today. Make sure you head over to MtD for his prospect pieces and mock drafts.

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