The worst possibility is here...

Bulls Fans,

We have all feared about the worst situation that could happen for our beloved Alma Mater. Well, fear no more, because that situation is here. This past Saturday, USF lost a very close game to Cincinnati in the final seconds of the game. Typically, when this happens most of us will be upset with a play call or a dropped ball or a bad penalty or something of that nature. However, this wasn't the case with me on that day. On that day, after the game was over, I turned off my TV and went about my day, and that was that.

It should be noted that I have been and remain a devoted USF fan and have been a season ticket holder since graduation in 2008. I was there for the Auburn victory,Kansas walk off FG, FSU upset, and the Notre Dame monsoon. I have witnessed most of USF's biggest moments, and love nothing more than when my Bulls win in games when nobody gives them a shot. I also sulk in losses. I still feel bad on Tuesday and Wednesday when the Bulls lose from the Saturday before. Plain and simple; I'm a passionate fan.

However, this past Saturday, for the first time since the Bulls entered the Big East, I wasn't angry at the outcome of the game after the loss. I didn't blame the defense for not bothering to look at Zach Callaros run straight up the gut for the game clinching TD. I didnt blame Skip for his mishandling the drive right before halftime. It was much worse than that. I simply went on to do other things, and didn't even give the game a second thought. It wasn't until Sunday evening that Istarted thinking about the USF game. 

As USF fans, we have been very fortunate these past few years. We all know the story by now, that I think most of us take it for granted. The rise from literally nothing to a #2 ranking in a decade.  

We also know that this is all in the past, and in the college football world, your last game is what you are measured by. Did you win? Sadly, USF hasn't won in a month. The worst part, we as USF fans, are used to this. USF has gone from that up-and-coming-team in Tampa to that medocre team in the Big East who should be better than they are. That the Bulls are just your average, run of the mill football team is the worst part of the entire football season.

So relax Bulls fans. The worst is over.

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