Protect Your Unit Game - Week 5 Picks

It's Ray Graham scoring another touchdown. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo fake bets on USF -3.

(DDDdddDddDdDDDDdddDDddDDdddddddddd -- OK, just making sure.)

I'm sorry, you guys. Our beloved alma mater has already made everyone's virtual wallets a lot thinner this week after Thursday night's shellacking. In fact, Ken's pretty much done for, and we just now made it into October. But of course that wasn't the only game in play this week. Here are everyone's picks, in the order of the current standings:

Scott, Bearcats Blog:

Here are my picks for the week:

3 team parlay for 50 FIU -3, Baylor -3.5, TCU -13
50 on Cincinnati -14.5
50 on Nebraska +9
20 on USF -3
20 on Syracuse PICK
20 on Boise -27
20 on Arizona St -18
15 on Northern Illinois -9.5
5 on Middle Tennessee -22.5 as the Memphis bet of the week.

Kevin from The UConn Blog is taking the week off, so on to a happy Chas Rich from Pitt Blather.

$25 Pitt +3 against USF. For some reason, I am expecting weirdness tonight.

$25 Ark +2.5 vs. Texas A&M. Not sure how, but Mike Sherman is now the last of that wave of failed pro coaches hired in college to be the next Pete Carroll.

$100 Stanford -20.5 vs. UCLA. What am I missing? Why is this spread so low when UCLA is so bad?

$50 Cinci -14.5 vs. Miami (OH). Okay, its a rivalry game for some bell. But Miami is bad. They even lost to Minnesota.

Chris Lane, The Nova Blog:

$100 USF -3 over Pitt - Because I don't know how Pitt was ever favored in this game (for however briefly that was)

$100 on Syracuse pick over Rutgers - Because I hate Rutgers more than Syracuse.

$25 Arizona +13 over USC - Because Lane Kiffin is the worst coach in the history of college football. After Ty Willingham.

$25 parlay on TCU -13 over SMU & Oklahoma -38 over Ball State - Because #FireCraigJames & #LOLBallState

More picks after the jump.

We're assuming Keeley has dropped out of the game, so here are my picks:

$165 on Alabama -3.5 vs. Florida
$27.50 on THESOUTHFLORIDABULLS -3 vs. Pittsburgh
$27.50 on Syracuse (pick) vs. Rutgers

And the weekly Les Miles illogical bet: $5 on LSU/Kentucky OVER 45, because this would be the week UK somehow scores 20 points.

WVUIE97, The Smoking Musket:

$150 on USF over Pitt
$50 on GT over NC State
$50 on Clemson over VT

Mengus22, Big East Coast Bias:

$50 each on:

USF -3
Rutgers pick em over Syracuse
FIU -3 vs Duke
Bama -3.5 vs Florida
Auburn +9.5 vs USCe

Mark put a sixth fake bet on his ticket, which put him over the limit for money in play. So his Cincinnati bet was canceled out.

GarySJ, Voodoo Five:

$40 Akron +9.5 over Eastern Michigan. They both suck, so I'll take the points.

$25 Syracuse pick' em over Rutgers. They both suck, so I'll take the home team.

$50 Cincinnati -14.5 over Miami of Ohio. I have a sneaky suspicion that Cincinnati does not suck.

$35 UTEP +500 money line to beat Houston. For an unbeaten supposed BCS buster, Houston sucks. Now that Auburn's lost, they're top on the list of "just begging to be upset."

$50 Tennessee -28.5 over Buffalo. And just to be clear, this is not for the Titans-Bills game.


$1 Idaho +16 over Virginia. HEDGE WITH HATE AGAINST ALL ACC TEAMS?

$1 East Carolina +6 over North Carolina. HEDGE WITH HATE AGAINST ALL ACC TEAMS


I can't actually count that Towson bet, but I'd like to.

Hoya Suxa:

16 more days until Midnight Madness. 16 more days until DePaul runs sitting-in-the-corner-and-sobbing drills.

WAGER ONE: Paul Johnson's Death Machine (-10) at North Carolina State
Tom O'Brien is going to take this one on the chin, all while sipping room temperature tap water. $50 on the Jackets.

WAGER TWO: Kentucky at LSU
Les Miles is going to drop half a hundred on Joker Phillips and then ask him repeatedly if that's his real name. $25 on the over.

WAGER THREE: $25 in the Dumper.
Going to bundle South Florida (-3) and Wake Forest (-2.5).

Andrew Porter, The UConn Blog:

Unfortunately my calendar still reads September so I can't load up on South Florida to choke yet...

$200 parlay (degenerate time!) Navy -3 over Air Force, Alabama -3.5 over Florida and Nebraska + 9 vs. Wisconsin.
$49 on UNDER Wake/BC 49
$1 UConn -3 over WMU

Toro Grande, Voodoo Five:

I'm trying to get work shit done so I can to go to the airport for the Pitt game. I just might change my flight to Vegas instead and go hammer my entire net worth on these lines. Steve Wynn will die poor if he keeps giving money away like this.

My Entire Roth IRA... err, $200 on a 3 team parlay: Syracuse over Rutgers + Va. Tech -6.5 over Clemson + FIU -3 over Duke. These lines make me feel as special in my pants as first time I saw the girls at my Catholic school pulling up their uniform shirts to get a tan at recess. And LL Cool J also wants to inform you that after I win this bet my new place on the scoreboard is not to be known as a comeback, as I've been here for years.

$25 on Bama -3.5 over Florida. Bama is a damn machine. John Brantley is not.

$25 on Auburn +9.5 over Sakerlina. Because it is Auburn's destiny to play everyone close this year. Oh, and Garcia is totes getting bored with practice now, bro. You know it's, like, October and he still has to go EVERY DAY?? So unchill.

Casual Hoya:

Sorry for brief reply..but we're sucking hind tit here at casual hoya.

200 on miss st
25 on arkansas
25 on rutgers

Ken DeCelles, Voodoo Five, who will be broke in short order:

The comeback starts now.

$248 3-Team Parlay

USF -3
Georgia Tech -10
Baylor -3.5

$1 WVU -20 over Bowling Green
$1 Syracuse PICK over Rutgers

Play me off Chas-Board Cat.

In more ways than one.


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