This Week in the Big East Apocalypse: UConn and Cincinnati Crash the Party

Welcome to our weekly look into the Big East's worst case scenario. Last week, Coach Strong and the Louisville Cardinals came out of nowhere and took the Big East big right from under our noses. This week, a couple of new teams enter the fray, as the Connecticut Huskies and Cincinnati Bearcats take the DERP up to 11.

Let's take a look at the current standings in the conference:

Big East Conference Standings

(updated 11.14.2010 at 12:44 AM CST)

After the break, we will break down each team's remaining schedule, roll through the tiebreakers, and eventually let the BCS decide the fate of the Big East.

Like always, we go from last to first, so first up are the Cincinnati Kragthorpes:

  • vs. Rutgers Win
  • @ UConn Win
  • vs. Pitt Win

Yep, its going to be one of those weeks. Here is SCHIANOFACE and Rutgers:

  • @ Cincinnati Loss
  • vs. Louisville Loss
  • @ West Virginia Loss

Charlie Strong and the Louisville Cardnials:

  • vs. West Virginia Win
  • @ Rutgers Win

Coach Stew and the West Fucking Virginia Mountaineers:

  • @ Louisville Loss
  • @ Pitt Loss
  • vs. Rutgers Win

Schottenedsall and the UConn Huskies:

  • @ Syracuse Win
  • vs. Cincinnati Loss
  • @ USF Win

Coach Holtz and USF:

  • vs. Pitt Win
  • @ Miami Loss
  • vs. UConn Loss

The Tremendous Doug Marrone and Syracuse:

  • vs. UConn Loss
  • vs. Boston College Loss

And Finally, The Stache and Pitt:

  • @ USF Loss
  • vs. West Virginia Win
  • @ Cincinnati Loss


Here are the final standings in this scenario:

USF 7-5 (4-3)
Syracuse 7-5 (4-3)
UConn 7-5 (4-3)
Louisville 7-5 (4-3)
Cincinnati 6-6 (4-3)
Pittsburgh 6-6 (4-3)
West Virginia 7-5 (3-4)
Rutgers 4-8 (1-6)

Why yes, that is a six-way tie for first place. First tiebreaker is the head to head matchups between all six teams, which break down to this:


  • USF 3-2 Wins over Pitt, Louisville, and Cincinnati. Losses to Syracuse and UConn
  • UConn 3-2 Wins over USF, Pitt, and Syracuse. Losses to Louisville and Cincinnati
  • Cincinnati 3-2 Wins over Pitt, Louisville, and UConn. Losses to USF and Syracuse
  • Louisville 2-3 Wins over UConn and Syracuse. Losses to USF, Pitt, and Cincinnati
  • Pitt 2-3 Wins over Syracuse and Louisville. Losses to USF, UConn, and Cincinnati
  • Syracuse 2-3 Wins over USF and Cincinnati. Losses to Pitt, Louisville, and UConn.


So that means that USF, UConn, and Cincinnati move on to their own mini conference while we say goodbye to Pitt, Syracuse, and Louisville. We hope the Pinstripe, Beef's, and Compass Bowls treat you well.

Now let's break down the head to head matchup with our last three teams.

  • USF: 1-1 Lost to UConn, Beat Cincinnati
  • UConn: 1-1 Lost to Cincinnati, beat USF
  • Cincinnati: 1-1 Lost to USF, bet UConn


That takes us to the final level of the tiebreaker, which leaves the fate in these three teams to the hands of the BCS. At this time, I would think that USF would be ahead of the Bearcats and the Huskies. So congrats USF fans! Get your reservations to Tempe, and we will see you at the Fiesta Bowl.

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